Valentine’s Day: Genuine Mississippi Style 

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate love than by exploring Mississippi’s offerings? In this guide, you’ll find romantic spots to dine, where to find the freshest flowers, indulge in delicious desserts, sip away, and discover the perfect gift items. Our recommendations are curated from Genuine MS® members that will ensure an authentic and memorable Valentine’s Day experience. 

Dining Experiences

Mississippi is known for its warm hospitality, and there’s no shortage of romantic restaurants to set the mood for your Valentine’s Day celebration. Discover hidden gems and popular eateries that offer the perfect ambiance for a romantic dinner.  

If you prefer to dine in, check out the list of Genuine MS® meat suppliers: or seafood suppliers throughout the state:

Fresh Blooms for Your Love

Flowers are a timeless expression of love, and Mississippi boasts an array of florists that can help you convey your feelings in the most beautiful way. Whether it’s a classic bouquet of red roses or a unique assortment of blooms, these members will ensure your gesture is as special as your love. 

Desserts to Sweeten the Day

No Valentine’s Day is complete without indulging in a dessert. Mississippi is home to bakers and chocolatiers who craft mouthwatering treats sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Surprise your significant other with an edible gift that adds a touch of decadence to your celebration. 

Mississippi Wine, Spirits, and Craft Beer to Celebrate

If you decide to stay in for dinner, accompany your meal with a Genuine MS® wine, spirits, or craft beer that’s sure to heighten any food pairing. 

Thoughtful Gift Items

Finding the perfect gift can sometimes be a challenge, but with the help of our Genuine MS® Associate and Crafted members, you can explore local businesses that offer one of a kind and thoughtful gift items. Whether it’s custom-made jewelry, handmade crafts, or personalized keepsakes, these businesses provide a diverse range of options to help you find a gift that reflects the uniqueness of your relationship.

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This Valentine’s Day, elevate your celebration by exploring the romantic spots, fresh flowers, sweets, beverages, and thoughtful gift items that Mississippi has to offer. With the assistance of Genuine MS® and its curated list of members and associations, you’re bound to create lasting memories with your loved one in the heart of the Magnolia State.