The Grumpy Man

31 Yellow Bird Rd, Purvis, Mississippi 39475
(601) 348-7750
The Grumpy Man, LLC is a family owned company located in Purvis, MS that specializes in producing food products, particularly salsa and pepper jelly. Distributing to specialty and boutique stores across MS, AL, LA, TX, AR and FL. The Grumpy Man started in 2013 and has continually grown its product line to include new and unique products.

What Makes Our Products Great?

The Grumpy Man LLC adheres to the best manufacturing practices and strives in maintaining superior quality control of our products. Particularly by using unique and delicious seasonings and pepper to bring the best flavors out of the best product. We want every customer to have an enjoyable experience with our salsas and pepper jellies and every retailer to be able to recommend and sell them with confidence. The Grumpy Man LLC does not warehouse large volumes of our foods; therefore, it is usually only a matter of a few days between the time our products leave our kettle and land on your shelf. This guarantees our customers a fresher, more flavorful tasting experience. Also, as a small family owned business, we are intimately involved in every step of the production process. From purchasing ingredients, to cooking, filling and quality control, we have our hands on the wheel the whole time!

What makes us most proud of producing Genuine MS products?

The Grumpy Man LLC enjoys being able to contribute to employment in MS as we grow, through direct hiring or buying from other MS based companies.


Here are a few locations where you can find our products.

Donna's #6 Produce

3875 U.S. 49, Florence, MS 39073, USA


Hattiesburg, MS, USA

The Knight Butcher

Laurel, MS, USA


Madison, MS, USA

Corner Market

Vicksburg, MS, USA

Brumley Gardens

Dallas, TX, USA

Burris Farmer's Market

Loxley, AL, USA

About the South

Tupelo, MS, USA

Indianola Pecan House

Indianola, MS, USA

Alfords Flowers

McComb, MS, USA