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Listen in as Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce Andy Gipson explores the very best of everything Grown, Raised, Crafted and Made right here in the great State of Mississippi. Each episode features Genuine MS farmers, ranchers, crafters and manufacturers as they tell the stories behind their farms, businesses and the unique products that they offer.


Genuine MS Podcast Episode 10: Tourists Flock to the Farm
Welcome to our 10th episode of the Genuine MS Podcast, which we’re calling Tourists Flock to the Farm. This one is all about the Magnolia State’s great agri-tourism opportunities. Agri-tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors of agriculture here and is just about to kick-off.
A vital component to Mississippi’s economic development is the state’s Travel and Tourism Industry, which is at an all-time high. Did you know that an estimated 23 million people travel to and around Mississippi each year?
We are so excited to be having a lively agri-tourism conversation with: Jo Lynn Mitchell of Mitchell Family Farms in Collins, Michael May of Lazy Acres in Chunky, and Neal Williams of Williams Family Farm in Wiggins, MS
Genuine MS Podcast Episode 9: Mississippi on the Mooove
Genuine MS podcast, Episode 9: “Mississippi on the Mooove”, explores the dairy industry in the Magnolia State. Our guests today tell you, dairy farming is not just a job, it is a way of life. Cows must be milked every day, several times a day, even on holidays. Farmers in this industry work hard, but dairy farming is something that these folks are passionate about, and farms often go back generations.
Milk does a body good, and Mississippi has a good, strong dairy industry.
We have some very special guests that are On The Moove… Doug Popwell from Tylertown, Larry Martin from Tylertown, and Julie Ard from Ard’s Dairy Farm in Ruth, MS.
Genuine MS Podcast Episode 8: Leaders in the Field
Genuine MS podcast, Episode 8, Leaders in the Field is focusing on producers who bring Mississippi to the leading edge of technology. From all-natural, plant-based bioremediation and erosion control products, to custom manufactured agriculture equipment, to molecular container systems for palletized cargo, we are genuinely blessed to have these producers in this state.
Each of these producers have taken their real life experiences and given back by bettering their profession through creating a better product for the generations to come.
Brent Brasher of Kengro from Charleston, Matthew Summers of Speedbox from Ridgeland, and Dennis Short of Shortline Manufacturing from Shaw, MS will be our Genuine MS guests.
Genuine MS Podcast Episode 7: Sugar and Spice and Southern Delights
There is something to be said about foods with a Southern flair. Whether it’s our sweet desserts made from recipes handed-down for generations or the secret ingredients we use to flavor our food.
This episode features three Genuine MS Crafted members, Mary Jennifer Russell owner of Sugaree’s in New Albany, Joan Anderson owner of C.J.’s Southern Seasonings in Collins, and Hugh Balthrop owner of Sweet Magnolia Gelato in Oxford.  They all have one thing in common – a passion for the flavorful products that they’re making.
Genuine MS Podcast Episode 6: Reelin’ It In
Episode 6, Reelin’ It In, delves into Mississippi’s catfish industry. While the Mississippi Delta is dubbed the “Catfish Capital of the World,” the state is #1 in catfish production in the country. Commissioner Gipson explores topics pertaining to the catfish industry with farmers and experts as they share their stories and experiences with listeners. Guests include Katy Simmons Prosser, of Marketing and Brand Development with Simmons Farm Raised Catfish in Yazoo City, Chris McGlawn, President of Catfish Farmers of America of Swiftown, Roger Barlow, President of The Catfish Institute and Vice President of the Catfish Farmers of America, and Jeremy Robbins, Vice President of The Catfish Institute.
Genuine MS Podcast Episode 5: Wood at Work
Today in studio, Commissioner Andy Gipson discusses “Wood at Work.” What exactly does that mean? Well, money may not grow on trees, but trees are big business in Mississippi.
The Commissioner will delve into conversation about the forestry industry, a $1.25 billion dollar industry and how it’s grown, made and crafted right here in Mississippi.
His guests will be, Greg Harkins, Master Craftsman and owner of Harkins Chairs out of Canton, MS. Pat Thomasson, CEO and Chairman of the Board of the Thomasson Company located in Philadelphia, MS and Eric Chambers, owner of Chambers Delimbinator in Ackerman, MS. .
Genuine MS Podcast Episode 4: Beauty and the Bees
On this episode, Commissioner Gipson chats with guests about our state’s busy bees and wonderful wildflowers. He talks with Sarah Kountouris of Keep Mississippi Beautiful about the Wildflower Trail of Mississippi program and how it benefits the many bees of the state. Guests Dr. Jeff Harris with Mississippi State University’s Extension Service and Leilani Rosenbaum of Shroomdom and MisBEEhaving Bees from Poplarville talk about raising honey bees and all the sweet Genuine Mississippi products they make possible.
Genuine MS Podcast Episode 3: Let’s Eat Local
Gather around the table as Commissioner Gipson talks eating local with Award Winning Chef Derek Emerson, owner of four farm-to-table eateries Local 463, Walker’s Drive In, CAET Seafood Oysterette and Parlor Market, along with some of the Genuine MS farmers that he purchases from including Jody Reyer of Reyer Farms in Lena, Leigh Bailey of Salad Days in Flora, and Van Killen with Two Dog Farms in Flora.
Genuine MS Podcast Episode 2: Craft Beverages
A bit thirsty? Join Mississippi’s Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce Andy Gipson as he explores the very best crafted products in the Magnolia State. On this episode, Andy and featured guest Leslie Henderson of Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company in Kiln talk Genuine Mississippi craft brewing and how that opens up new doors for people like Gerri Carter of Queen’s Reward Meadery in Tupelo and David Rich of Rich Grain Distilling Company from Canton who are expanding Genuine Mississippi crafted products.
Genuine MS Episode 1: Let’s Talk Genuine
Commissioner Andy Gipson kicks off the podcast series with a discussion on Genuine MS with MDAC Market Development Director Paige Manning. He and special guest Don van de Werken from Pearl River Tea Company in Poplarville explore a part of the agriculture industry that many did not know existed in Mississippi – growing tea. Don, a blueberry grower as well, also provides insights into the Mississippi blueberry industry. 
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