Who can become a member of Genuine MS®?

Farmers, ranchers, entrepreneurs, artisans and crafters that have products Grown, Raised, Crafted, or Made in Mississippi are eligible to become members of the program. In addition to the four major classifications, Genuine MS® also has an associate member status for those who support agriculture. An Associate Member can be retailers who sell Genuine MS® products, restaurants who serve Mississippi agricultural products, farmers markets, agritourism operations, or organizations and associations that support Mississippi agriculture.

There are four major classifications of Genuine MS® that a producer or crafter’s products may fall into.

  1. Genuine MS® Grown
    This classificiation consists of farmers who grow everything from produce, nuts and row crops to horticulture and timber here in Mississippi.
  2. Genuine MS® Raised
    This classification consists of farmers, ranchers and fishermen with animals raised in Mississippi or who are selling products from animals raised in Mississippi. Genuine MS® Raised includes:

    • Meat (Beef, Pork, Poultry, Specialty)
    • Aquaculture
    • Seafood
    • Dairy
    • Honey
    • Eggs
    • Livestock and Poultry
  3. Genuine MS® Crafted
    This classification consists of crafters whose products are hand-created in Mississippi from agricultural products. Genuine MS® Crafted includes specialty foods and beverages and pet and artisan products.
  4. Genuine MS® Made
    This classification consists of manufacturers whose products are made in the state for the benefit of Mississippi’s number one industry, agriculture. Only products in which 51% or more is manufactured in Mississippi may qualify for Genuine MS® Made membership.

How to become a member?

Becoming a member of Genuine MS® is simple. Those interested in using the Genuine MS® brand to promote their products or showing support of Genuine MS® products by becoming an associate member will need to submit an online application.

Once the application is reviewed and approved, members can begin taking advantage of the many program benefits. A $75 membership fee is due upon application approval. This fee, which is due annually as part of the membership renewal, is used to market and promote Genuine MS® members and their products.

Why become a member?

Genuine MS® members have the privilege of wearing the brand as a stamp of authenticity. The brand name itself is a pride statement that holds appeal for not only Mississippi farmers, craftspeople, manufacturers and producers, but for consumers who wish to buy Genuine MS® products grown, raised, crafted or made here.

Each member receives a company profile on A profile allows members to form a deeper, more real, connection with consumers by offering a platform from which to tell their story, from the very first inkling of an idea to the present… and all of the hard work in between.

  • Logo Usage
    Participants will be able to use the Genuine MS® logo on their products, packaging and promotional materials. The logo identifies the products as being a Genuine MS® product.
  • Website Profile
    Members will have a profile on the website that contains information about Genuine MS® products, the stories behind these products, contact information for the members, links to website and social media, and a listing of places to purchase the products as well as pictures of the products.
  • Members have password protected access to their website profiles allowing them to update their profiles as often as they like.
  • MDAC will promote the program through advertising, social media, highlights in the Mississippi Market Bulletin and through participation in special events to encourage consumers and buyers to purchase products made, grown, raised or crafted in Mississippi.