Mississippi Cold Drip and Tea Company

126 Keener Ave, Jackson , MS 39202
(601) 624-570
Hours: By Appointment Only
As a child in New Orleans, Raymond Horn has early memories of coffee. His mother brewed coffee concentrate in whiskey bottles – there was always one brewing on the counter and one ready to drink in the fridge. Before school, Raymond and his siblings would have “coffee milk” with just a splash of that silky concentrate. As an adult, Raymond moved from New Orleans, to California and then on to Mississippi, where he found himself disappointed at local coffee offerings. He began brewing his own concentrate and gave some away to friends, who quickly turned into frequent customers. After several years of brewing and selling for his friends and family, he left his career in the food service industry to start his own business. Mississippi Cold Drip Coffee and Tea Company was officially formed in 2010, and Raymond’s coffee concentrate was first classified as a cottage food product. Raymond frequented farmers’ markets across the state. After several successful years of ever-increasing demand, Raymond decided that it was time to build his business further and partnered with ELSEWorks at Millsaps College to complete his business plan, rebrand his products, and move into a brewing space of his own. He found a home at The Hatch, a creative business incubator space in the growing arts community of Midtown Jackson, Mississippi. He also gained a partner, Jon Peterson, who has helped Ray expand Mississippi Cold Drip into its new space in the Hatch (for higher capacity) as well as expanding distribution throughout the Deep South, including Kroger stores throughout Mississippi and Memphis, and Whole Foods locations in Jackson, Memphis, Birmingham and Montgomery, Ala.

What Makes Our Products Great?

This product is created out of a specialty bean and filtered coffee. We started out with this being a hobby and grew through the Mississippi Farmers Market. Through the market, I met my partners.

What makes us most proud of producing Genuine MS products?

This business is as organic as they come. Mississippi equates with great down home food and this product adds to that southern comfort. We have grown together and developed a great business. Through these partnerships MS Cold Drip is successful.

How does buying Genuine MS products make a difference here in Mississippi?

By being a business that has grown from the ground up we hope to be a testiment to other individuals that may want to start businesses here in Mississippi.

Why should people seek out and buy Genuine MS products?

Supporting local helps build the economy here in the Magnolia state.