Emma Wilder Farm

315 Louie Bullock Road, Seminary, Mississippi 39479
(601) 255-3746
Hours: Monday - Saturday; 12pm - 5 pm
In 2016, we purchased our first beehive and began a small goat herd on property once farmed by my great-grandmother, Minnie Bullock. Our farm name comes from the middle names of our daughter and son. We produce goat milk soap, raw honey, beeswax products, and all natural candles. Each item is handmade on site using all natural ingredients. Our goal has been to stay connected to the land, keep things as pure as possible, and demonstrate homesteading to our children.

What Makes Our Products Great?

The goat milk, honey, and beeswax used in our products are harvested by hand here at our farm. Our soaps, lotions, and honey are simple and natural. Our goat milk soap contains only sustainable oils and 100% pure essential oils for scent. For color, we select all natural alternatives that are free from chemicals and artificial dyes. Soap made at Emma Wilder Farm is cold processed and produced in small batches. This ensures quality and consistency. Each batch of soap is mixed by hand and poured by hand. Every soap bar is hand cut and cured for a minimum of four weeks. Our hard-working honey bees produce a fantastic beeswax which is used in our lotion bars. The unscented beeswax lotion bar also contains olive oil and shea butter. That's all, it's that simple! We harvest honey twice a year. The honey frames are uncapped and spun by hand. The raw honey is then filtered and bottled. We care about everything we produce on our farm. We care about keeping things as natural as possible. We care about the people purchasing our products and we are thankful to have come this far.

What makes us most proud of producing Genuine MS products?

It's a dream come true to market a product that we make in Mississippi on land once managed by my great-grandmother. Making a living from your own land is something most people never have the chance to experience. Turning out a Genuine MS product means that we have set the bar high and are committed to delivering our fellow Mississippians the most natural products possible.

How does buying Genuine MS products make a difference here in Mississippi?

When you buy a Genuine MS product you are helping support a local, small business and a local, Mississippi family. It means your dollars are spent here, with people and faces you know. By keeping our spending local we help to directly serve our state and it's needs.

Why should people seek out and buy Genuine MS products?

You've heard the expression "Thank you for shopping local"! Well there's no better way to shop local than to buy Genuine MS products. These are products grown and produced right here in Mississippi, by people in our communities. It means your dollars will benefit a local family and remain in our local economy. When we spend our money on Mississippi produced goods, we are investing in the financial strength of our state. We are also helping to support a local community, which is more likely to understand our needs and concerns.