Pitter Potter House

294 Chess Warren Rd, Mendenhall, MS 39114
(601) 554-6995
Hours: Home Studio is open the second Thursday of each month from 12-4 and third Saturday from 9-1
I am a self-taught clay artist working with clay since around 2010. What started out as a hobby turned into an obsession for me. I have grown a lot since then and I now create unique pieces of work both functional and artistic. My work celebrates individuality with the focus of handmade. My favorite saying is, “The most beautiful people and things are imperfectly perfect.”

What Makes Our Products Great?

I create my pieces with durability in mind. A lot of thought goes into each creation before I start working on templates or deciding how I’m going to go about assembling the final product. I also use stoneware clay to ensure that I have a strong and durable end product that will last years with proper care.

What makes us most proud of producing Genuine MS products?

I am Mississippi born and raised and nothing makes me more proud than to see people love and appreciate my unique creations. I have sold to people across this nation and also overseas to Sweden and Italy!

How does buying Genuine MS products make a difference here in Mississippi?

Purchasing from Mississippi artists not only supports small business and artisans in our beautiful state but it also helps support our state by keeping money right here in Mississippi. Supporting local Mississippians also allows us to keep growing to show all the great talent in our state!