Northshore Specialty Coffee

126 Keener Avenue, Jackson, Mississippi 39202
(805) 448-9175
Hours: Monday - Saturday; 7 AM - 7 PM
Northshore Specialty Coffee (NSC) is a roastery located in Midtown, Jackson, MS. We thoughtfully source our beans from every part of the world. Our team personally visits coffee farms around the globe to bring the best quality and flavors to Mississippi. Our coffee captures flavor that stirs up authentic conversation.

What Makes Our Products Great?

Our dream at Northshore Specialty Coffee is that our coffee would not dominate the conversation of our customers, but fuel it. Our team starts with sampling exquisite flavors from farms across the world, sourcing coffee only from those that we have cupped and believe our customers will love. We love the idea of bringing these experiences and flavors to our fellow Mississippians.

What makes us most proud of producing Genuine MS products?

As Mississippians we are proud to create and serve products that bring people joy. We are proud to produce Genuine MS products because it allows us to come together as a community to support one another.

How does buying Genuine MS products make a difference here in Mississippi?

We believe in the power of working together and supporting each other - Buying and supporting local are essential to the continued growth and development of Mississippi

Why should people seek out and buy Genuine MS products?

Buying and supporting local are essential to the continued growth and development of Mississippi.


Here are a few locations where you can find our products.

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Coffee Prose Midtown

1619 North West Street, Jackson, MS, USA

Coffee Prose Highland Village

4500 Interstate 55 North Frontage Rd #173, Jackson, MS 39211, USA

Beans & Bananas

800 Manship St suite 102, Jackson, MS 39202, USA

Lake Forest Ranch

5326 Lake Forest Rd, Macon, MS 39341, USA

Corner Market

1220 E Northside Dr #330, Jackson, MS 39211, USA

Corner Market

653 Duling Ave, Jackson, MS 39216, USA

Jackson MS Farmers Market

929 High St, Jackson, MS 39202, USA