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Our family comes from a long heritage of duck hunters. My father started duck hunting in his teens back in the mid 1950’s when the Mississippi Delta was truly blessed with a great abundance of Mallard, Gadwall, Widgeon and Wood Ducks with an occasional Black Duck in the drove. In my 50 years of duck hunting I have had the pleasure of hunting with guest from the east coast to the west coast and from Canada to the gulf coast. My sons, son in law, grandsons and nephews are all avid duck hunters. Having grown up hunting the renowned Mathews Brake located in Leflore County Mississippi we have learned to appreciate the use of a top quality duck tote. The “Beast” duck tote, “Cowboy” duck tote, “Sugar Man” duck tote, “Trace” duck tote, and “Little Buddy” duck tote are all named after each of my grandsons with each matching characteristics of them. I hope you enjoy using our lanyards and totes while spending quality time in the majestic outdoors that our glorious God has provided.

What Makes Our Products Great?

Choosing between Latigo, English Bridle, and Harness leathers, the main difference between the three is oil content. English Bridle has the least amount of oil. This is evident when working with the leather as it has a drier feel to it. It needs treatment to make it more weather resistant. The Latigo leather has a little more oil, which is evident in the working of the leather. The reason for the differing oil content is simply purpose. Latigo is used as strap leather such as strapping the saddle to the horse and therefore needed to be slightly more weather resistant than English Bridle, which is used in bridle making. Harness leather is best because it is meant to be the most weather resistant. Harness came into closer proximity to horse sweat therefore it was subjected to getting wet on a daily basis. It is stuffed with additional waxes and tallows that impregnate the leather with its weather resistant property. Harness leather is a little heavier, but with the extra oils and tallows it makes it the best choice for outdoor use. This leather duck strap is superior in every way and in our opinion there is no better leather game strap. We only use solid brass solid copper or stainless steel hardware. If you would like your duck tote personalized let us know. During checkout go to the comments box and explain what you want. This service is free!


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Duck Tote

620 North Applegate Street, Winona, MS 38967, USA