Discover the Flavors of Delta Blues Rice and Two Brooks Farm This Rice Month

Yellowish-tan rice plant stalks with a blue sky

As the warm hues of autumn begin to paint the landscape, there’s another reason to celebrate this September – it’s Rice Month! A staple in diets across the globe, rice has a long history of nourishing communities and serving as a canvas for culinary creativity. We invite you to join us on a journey through the stories of Delta Blues Rice and Two Brooks Farm, two Mississippi sources of this beloved grain. 

Delta Blues Rice: Feed the Body. Feel the Soul. 

Nestled in the heart of the Delta in Ruleville, MS for over 90 years is Delta Blues Rice 

The rich, fertile soil of the region and milling process ensures the fresh, distinctive and delicious rice for everyone to enjoy. Owned and operated by the Arant family, Delta Blues Rice carries a flavor profile that many customers say reminds them of meals a long time ago. 

Delta Blues Rice pays meticulous attention to detail throughout the cultivation process. They only use the highest quality seed to grow their rice. From planting to harvest, every step from planting to bagging is performed by a family member. The result? Grains that are plump, aromatic and bursting with authentic flavor. 

Two Brooks Farm: Rooted in Conservation. Grows in Excellence. 

In the “boondocks” of Sumner, MS, you’ll discover the Wagner’s Two Brooks Farm, a family-owned venture that takes rice cultivation to an art form.  

What sets Two Brooks Farm apart is their dedication to preserving the land for future generations. Through innovative techniques and a commitment to organic practices, they’ve cultivated an environment where rice flourishes without compromising the ecosystem. This harmony between nature and agriculture is evident in every bite of their rice. 

Two Brooks Farm’s rice yields comparably to conventionally grown rice with fewer environmental costs and matches or exceeds many of the advantages of organic rice without the disadvantages of generally lower yields and the corresponding requirements for more of earth’s scarce land and water resources to offset the system’s diminished production. They proudly cultivate their rice for the sake of humanity, environment and planet.  

A Feast of Possibilities 

Let Rice Month be your opportunity to savor the rich history, vibrant flavors and sustainable practices that Delta Blues Rice and Two Brooks Farm bring to the table. Join us in celebrating the grain that has woven itself into the tapestry of cultures and cuisines worldwide. 

For rice-based recipes, visit the following link: 

Two Brooks Farm’s products are available for purchase through the Genuine MS® Store located in the Mississippi Farmers Market at 929 High St, Jackson, MS, United States, Mississippi.