Weathering the Storm: Severe Weather Preparedness Tips  

Living in Mississippi means facing the unpredictable fury of storms and severe weather conditions. With hurricane and tornado season in full swing, it’s essential to be prepared for the worst.  

-Create a Comprehensive Emergency Plan: Before a storm hits, it’s crucial to have a well-thought-out emergency plan in place. Develop a step-by-step plan that includes evacuation routes, designated meeting places and a communication strategy. Make sure everyone in your household or organization understands the plan to ensure a coordinated response during emergencies. 

-Build an Emergency Kit: Putting together an emergency kit is a vital part of storm preparedness. Include essential items such as non-perishable food, water, first aid supplies, medications, flashlights, batteries and a battery-powered weather radio. Having these items readily available can make a significant difference in your safety and comfort during and after a storm. 

-Backup Important Data: In our increasingly digital world, safeguarding important data is paramount. Regularly back up critical data, documents and files to cloud storage or an external hard drive. This precaution can prevent irreparable losses in case of power outages or damage to electronic devices. 

-Invest in Backup Power Solutions: Power outages are common during storms, and they can last for extended periods. Genuine MS® member, Taylor Power Systems, specializes in backup power solutions, such as generators, that can keep homes and businesses running when the grid goes down. Investing in a reliable generator can provide peace of mind and ensure that critical appliances and systems continue to function during power interruptions. 

Taylor Power Systems with Commissioner Andy Gipson at their Clinton, MS main office.

-Inspect and Reinforce Structures: Inspect your home or business for weak points that may be vulnerable to storm damage. Reinforce windows and doors, and if necessary, installing storm shutters. Ensuring your property is well-maintained and structurally sound can help mitigate potential damage. 

-Secure Outdoor Items: Strong winds accompanying storms can turn outdoor items into dangerous projectiles. Secure or bring in indoors items like patio furniture, gardening tools and children’s toys to prevent them from causing damage during high winds. 

-Trim Trees and Shrubs: Overhanging branches and untrimmed shrubs can become hazards during storms. Keep trees and shrubs well-trimmed to reduce the risk of falling branches and debris that could potentially damage property or power lines. 

-Stay Informed: Being aware of weather updates is crucial during storm seasons. Use weather apps, radios or social media channels to stay informed about the storm’s progress and any emergency alerts issued by local authorities.