Message from Your Commissioner


Welcome to Genuine MS®! I am so glad to introduce this program to you. Here in Mississippi, we are surrounded by many talented farmers, entrepreneurs, artisans and craftsmen. The Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce created Genuine MS® to tell the stories of these hardworking, creative Mississippians and identify their unique products.  We want consumers, not only across Mississippi but around the globe, to know what Mississippi has to offer.

Genuine MS® serves as our state branding program. Members have the privilege to use the brand as a stamp of authenticity, a mark of pride ensuring the product is genuinely produced or created in our great state. Whether your product bears the stamp or you are searching for products bearing the stamp, is the tool for you.

This website was designed to be the heart of Genuine MS®. Here, consumers have the ability to seamlessly search for available Mississippi products and discover where to purchase them. It also serves as a platform for members to tell their story in order for you, the consumer, to form a real connection to the farmers, ranchers, crafters and manufacturers of products used in everyday life. As our membership grows so will the number of products on our website bearing the Genuine MS® brand. I encourage you to visit frequently and consider as your complete source for finding Genuine Mississippi products.


Andy Gipson
Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce