Weesner Meadow Meats

4140 Hwy 7 N, Holly Springs, MS 38635
(662) 504-4214
Hours: 24/7 Online or by farm appointment.
Weesner Meadow is a family farm that raises and sells natural pastured Pork and real grass-fed, dry-aged Beef. We sell whole, half and individual cuts and sausages. We believe in livestock with a good life and room to move freely. Our fields and woods are native plants. Our water is from our land. We have outstanding, interesting, naturalist and conservation minded neighbors. We border the head of the Coldwater River and Audubon lands.

What Makes Our Products Great?

Weesner Meadow is a uniquely natural, intentionally overgrown place with calm, respected animals. It has flavorful farm-to-table meats or perhaps better said “farm-to-cook,” beautiful USDA cuts & gourmet sausages. We are known for our beautiful heritage Large Black Hogs producing outrageously flavorful pork. The bacon and jowl are natural, uncured from the smokehouse. The hams called "fresh" or "green" as they are not cured or treated and thus perfect to smoke, brine or serve as a lean roast. Our beef is grass-fed and grass-finished before being aged 28 days. You can pre order whole or half with friends or call us about last minute ingredients for an event. Weesner Meadow sells online and by farm appointment and even makes deliveries in the Midsouth.

What makes us most proud of producing Genuine MS products?

Mississippi is often overlooked because of stereotypes. But it is an unusually beautiful place of cultures, music, food, writers and solitude. You are never far from unspoiled lands, industry, history, and small towns with a true main street or courthouse square.

How does buying Genuine MS products make a difference here in Mississippi?

Every day we choose who we are by the things we do and the way we treat each other. Mississippi is also a place of context and perseverance. If you want a good world of interesting people and places, you choose to spend local for hardware, food, and resources.

Why should people seek out and buy Genuine MS products?

Quite honestly, we buy Mississippi products because we know the people take ownership in their work whether building cars, curating women's wear, restoring cars or trading antiques. Ownership is especially true of single source meats that grown in MS, you know where it is from and what is in it. [Most meat in the us is mixed source and has no requirement to label what countries they are from.]