Varner Show Goats

1072 HIGHWAY 469 S, Florence, MS 39073
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We are committed to raising competitive market wethers and breeding does in Mississippi. Our goal is to provide high quality market goats for the youth of Mississippi to exhibit.

What Makes Our Products Great?

Our children began showing market goats and commercial does in 4H around 6 years ago. As a family, we see the value found in livestock projects for our youth, and we want to see more youth participate in the 4H Meat Goat project. Market goats are a small enough project that doesn't require a lot of land or space for families to raise a goat project. Having a market goat project is a family affair. It takes everyone pitching in and working together with one goal in mind. This allows youth to learn about hard work and sacrifice, winning and losing, and working with others. We would love to talk to any families who are interested in learning more about having a goat project. Our goal is to provide competitive market wethers and commercial does to youth.

What makes us most proud of producing Genuine MS products?

It is exciting to raise show quality Genuine Mississippi market and commercial meat goats. Mississippi has a MS Club Goat Association where MS Bred goats compete in their own division at the MS State Fair and Dixie National Jr. Roundup. Youth who show MS Bred goats are eligible for MS Bred sales spots at the Dixie National, and other MS Bred awards.