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Thomasson Company provides pressure treated utility poles of varying lengths and specification as well as quality pressure treated piling products. These products are practical, cost effective and a durable solution for a variety of applications including piers, docs, and other marine construction as well as treated wood cross ties, complex foundation systems, crane mats and landscaping substructures.

What Makes Our Products Great?

When it comes to utility poles, access to natural resources is the key. Thomasson Company and its subsidiaries are strategically located in the heart of Southern Yellow Pine forests. Thomasson can provide pressure-treated utility poles of varying lengths and specifications for use by utility companies of all types. Thomasson crane mats are fabricated to withstand the rigors of heavy equipment traffic, pipeline construction and prolonged placement in inhospitable conditions. Thomasson crane and pipeline mats minimize detrimental environmental impacts on job sites, such as soil erosion, as well as providing a safer more stable working environment. Thomasson offers Lease or Purchase options nationwide. The company supplies quality pressure-treated piling products which are practical, cost effective, and a durable solution for a variety of applications including piers, docks, and other marine construction. They can also supply treated wood crossties, complex foundation systems, piling and landscaping sub-structures.


Here are a few locations where you can find our products.

Thomasson Company

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