Speed Box, LLC

375 Whippoorwill Ln, Ridgeland, MS 39157
(888) 427-1195
Hours: Mon - Friday 08:00 a.m. -7:00 p.m.
Speed Box is an MS-based producer of an innovative patented system of interlocking, nesting, and stacking containers that work in concert with the very backbone of the US military's mobilization capabilities, specifically the 463-L Pallet System and ISU-90 Container System. Trusted and used by the Army Special Forces, Navy EOD, and Air Force Pararescue Jumpers, Speedbox drastically reduces load time into or onto these systems by approximately 94%, thereby saving hundreds of man-hours per unit. Designed to deliver a more dependable and versatile container that works seamlessly with these standardized palette systems, the Speedbox has set the new standard for excellence in palletized cargo. The innovatively designed containers are made of a proprietary blend of low-density polyethylene and structural foam that makes them water-resistant, buoyant, shatter-resistant, and dustproof. Proudly American, Speed Box is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that manufactures in West Point, MS.

What Makes Our Products Great?

Speedbox is, essentially, a set of indestructible Legos that keep the military's most important assets protected. To our knowledge, there is no other container solution that is as durable, easy to move, or efficient as the Speedbox system. The US Patent and Trademark Office holds this very same belief, as evidenced by the four patents awarded to Speedbox over the past few years.

What makes us most proud of producing Genuine MS products?

When I'm pitching to a potential military customer about Speedbox, the question inevitably arises, "where it is made?". I absolutely love answering this question, because it gives me the opportunity to exceed expectations. Fashioned primarily from low-density polyethylene, the Speed Box is made right here in the U.S.A., not in China or Mexico, or any other country where Americans generally assume most plastic products originate from. Proudly made right here in West Point, Mississippi, Speedbox is changing the very way Americans view and embrace plastic. We’re overturning previously held notions that plastic products are synonymous with ‘cheaply made’, and ‘produced in some faraway country’. We’re showing America that we build some of the highest quality plastic products on the planet. So, whenever I say that Speedbox is built right here in MS, I feel like I’m laying down a full house on top of someone else's two pairs. It’s a bit like saying, "yeah, we do that here too. And we do it really well.”

How does buying Genuine MS products make a difference here in Mississippi?

Like it or not, MS has a marketing problem. We're typically last or near last in major national metrics when it comes to measuring the wellbeing of a state. Whether it’s education rates, poverty, or obesity, our state’s report card too often reads ‘F’ for ‘fail’. I have no empirical evidence to support my hypothesis, but I suspect that the widely accepted image of a backward, poorly educated, and unhealthy state has a lot to do with our current national rankings. Unfortunately, and perhaps worst of all, this image creates a barrier for smart, young, hungry people because nobody wants to live in a sick and poor state. That means that a lot of our brightest young people are moving on to ‘better’ places, creating a one-way flow of talent that can only end badly for our great state. By building high-quality, Genuine MS products, however, and getting them noticed outside of our state's borders, we are taking the right steps to cure the state's marketing problems and negative reputation. By creating the very best products in the country, we are saying loud and clear that, “we are competent, creative, and ambitious.” “We do great work and you shouldn't be afraid to join us." That’s a message that resonates, and probably the best marketing any state can do.

Why should people seek out and buy Genuine MS products?

The cost of doing business in MS is about as low as it gets in the USA. That means that makers or producers of products within our state, provided they are of high quality, can create great value for the consumer. In other words, we offer far higher value because it simply costs less to produce truly great products.