Southern Cross Farm

2800 Crow Crossing Rd., Eupora, Mississippi 39744
(662) 418-7927
Hours: By Appointment Only
At Southern Cross Farm, our beef is raised with a deep commitment to the environment and the production of a safe, wholesome product. Calves are raised on their mother's milk roaming freely and grazing pastures coexisting with wildlife. Solar energy is used to pump water from streams to the cows, preserving the stream quality for fish. Our employees are all trained and certified Beef Quality Assurance producers, where we continually strive to improve the health, welfare, and productivity of our cow herd. Angus genetics are utilized to enable our grain finished beef to be highly marbled and tasty, and our beef is raised without added hormones or antibiotics.

What Makes Our Products Great?

At Southern Cross Farm, our mission is to produce high quality beef in the most natural and environmentally sustainable manner possible, while encouraging viable habitats for wildlife, fish, and pollinators. Visitors can see how the animals are pastured, utilizing grass to produce beef, while safeguarding and conserving our natural resources of air, water, and soil. Our cattle breeding program revolves around cows suited to our Mississippi environment that can raise calves to produce fresh, tasty, nutritious beef that is full of 10 essential vitamins and minerals. Our calves are weaned into a pasture next to their mothers, and trained to eat from a feed bunk to prepare them for their next growth phase in life. The animals selected to be finished at Southern Cross Farm are fed twice daily, have free choice forage available, and are monitored closely for health. Mississippi State University Meat and Muscle Biology Lab is utilized to harvest and package the meat, ensuring USDA inspected meat is sold to the public.

What makes us most proud of producing Genuine MS products?

We are a proud producer of Genuine MS products as our farm has been raising cattle for over 15 years, and we continually strive to increase the quality of our animals produced in Mississippi. Our young herd sires for sale are developed with longevity in mind, and have sound feet and legs for many seasons of use and are selected for docility and the ability to perform well in Mississippi's climate. Our animals chosen to be grain finished on the farm are selected to produce fresh beef which can be sourced locally.

How does buying Genuine MS products make a difference here in Mississippi?

The Genuine MS program encompasses so many great products that are grown, raised, crafted or manufactured and consumers can feel that they are receiving a good quality product, while at the same time they are supporting the local economy and rural way of life.

Why should people seek out and buy Genuine MS products?

Mississippi has such a diverse weather pattern that many people are not aware of the fruits, vegetable, grain crops, and meat and dairy products that are and can be produced in Mississippi. Purchasing Genuine MS products enables more money from the sale of products and services to stay in the local economy.

Some of our products are seasonal.

Beef is available in March(reservations starting in September)-The registered bulls are for sale beginning February 1st each year.- Heifers are available at all times.