Six Mile Farms LLC

3194 Tribbett Rd., Leland, Mississisppi 38756
(662) 820-3192
Hours: 8-5
Started on a whim, Six Mile Farms grows and processes popcorn on a small family farm in Tribbett, MS. Our popcorn business was built on the foundation of Z.M. & J.M. Looney Farms in 2016. Originally, our farm has grown cotton, rice, soybeans, and corn in Tribbett, MS, outside of Leland, MS. Our workforce includes a father, son and two employees, one of whom was born on the farm. We grow yellow butterfly popcorn which is the type you get at a movie theater and is the most common in households.

What Makes Our Products Great?

I really don't know what makes our product so great, but ever since our very first crop of popcorn, people have told us that it tastes fresher. When compared side by side to popcorn made with the yellow "butter" oil, people say Crop to Pop is what popcorn is supposed to taste like. I've had a customer from California say it's the best popcorn she's ever had. It is delicious with salt only. Maybe it's the climate. Maybe it's the short trip from the field to the bag.

What makes us most proud of producing Genuine MS products?

The Mississippi Delta is where I was born, raised, and chose to come back to. There are certainly more glamorous places in the world, but I'm proud to produce a product that is made in the same place I was.

How does buying Genuine MS products make a difference here in Mississippi?

With the small population and low cost of living, buying Mississippi-produced products has a larger impact on the people that produce these products than elsewhere in the country. A dollar spent in Mississippi goes much further than a dollar spent in areas that have a higher cost of living. It also allows Mississippi business to create a higher value product. Buying farm raised products help to support family farms and keep family members on the farms in an era where more and more people are taking off-farm jobs.

Why should people seek out and buy Genuine MS products?

If the world is a small place, Mississippi is even smaller. It's made up of a tight knit community of people that all have close connections all over the state. There is a good chance that if you know two people from Mississippi, they know each other or at least of each other. This is echoed in the wide range of products that are from Mississippi. From farms and Farm Bureau, to trade shows and retailers, Mississippians know their producers and where their products come from. If you want to buy quality products that support small businesses, buy Mississippi.


Here are a few locations where you can find our products.

Delta Meat Market

Delta Meat Market, North Sharpe Avenue, Cleveland, MS, USA

Specialty Grocery Store specializing in meats and gourmet food products


Persnickety, Main Street, Madison, MS, USA

The Mississippi Gift Company

The Mississippi Gift Company, Howard Street, Greenwood, MS, USA

Gift shop located in Greenwood, MS

Fratesi Brothers Grocery

Fratesi Grocery & Services Station, U.S. 82, Leland, MS, USA

The Square Cupboard

The Square Cupboard Hernando