Shroomdom Inc. & MisBEEhaving Bee's

23 Rosenbaum Dr., Poplarville, Mississippi 39470
(601) 795-2611
Hours: Appointment only.
Shroomdom Inc. is a 160 acre mushroom farm. We offer educational classes on how to properly identify & key out Mississippi, wild edible mushrooms. One may also sign up take a cultivation class & learn to grow their own Gourmet mushrooms. We keep our MisBEEhaving Bee's in Anton Jansa (AZ) hives from Slovenia. We also teach natural Beekeeping onsite in our Apiary. Our farm is a Conservation Stewardship farm with permaculture surrounding our home. Our goal is for our visitors to have a unique & memorable experience! Visitors may also purchase Genuine Mississippi products harvested from the enchanted forest floor, or cultivated in our EXTREME O Phile lab & grown in the Mycopillar. Our visitors may also purchase honey,comb honey & pollen from our Field to forest MisBEEhaving Bee's. Come visit OUR MISSISSIPPI. We are in Pearl River County along with many more MS Agritourism neighboring farms so plan on staying a while! Leilani & Tony Rosenbaum, Shroomdom Inc. & MisBEEhaving Bee's.

What Makes Our Products Great?

Our cultivated gourmet mushrooms are grown on agriculture byproducts. In addition, our misBEEhaving Bee's sip on MS trees, flowers, creeks and lakes that are located right here on our farm.

Some of our products are seasonal.

Shroomdom Seasonal Sensations. Year around call for what's available.


Here are a few locations where you can find our products.

Rameys Supermarket

Poplarville, MS, USA