Short Line Mfg

36 Choctaw Gin Rd, Shaw, Mississippi 38773
(662) 754-6858
Hours: Monday - Friday; 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. Closed 12 - 1
Our business started out of a need for dependable farm equipment that didn't break the bank. As a cotton farmer for 30 plus years, I built equipment for my personal use. Then a neighbor saw them and wanted some. Then another and another until I was turning down orders because I had to farm. Eventually with an unstable cotton market, I decided to manufacture full time. Although I build full time now, I still have a farmers mentality. I want to make the best quality equipment at an affordable price. While we are a small company that cannot match the quantity of others, we believe they cannot match our quality. Not being on an assembly line, we also can do custom products.

What Makes Our Products Great?

I believe our equipment to be the best because of our attention to detail. Our equipment is made with quality steel and expert welding. Then we take the extra time to thoroughly clean and prepare it before being painted to assure that our equipment looks good for years to come. Every thing is checked and double checked to be sure that when a product is leaving our facility, the customer has a piece of equipment that they will be satisfied with for years.