Raggio Custom Calls

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Raggio Custom Calls provide waterfowlers with unique, one-of-a-kind instruments. Our handmade duck calls combine the traditional aesthetics of heirloom-quality materials with true custom craftsmanship. The result is the perfection of the indelible sounds of wild skies. The reward is the satisfaction of owning and using a time-honored tool that converses as easily with ducks as it speaks to our unforgettable memories by field and flood. And, so, the friends and family of Raggio Custom Calls understand that waterfowling supersedes mere sport. Yes, certainly, ducks on the strap are worthy aspirations. But it is the history and the rich tradition born of wetlands – of great shooting, unforgettable retrievers, the epics of ducks in flight; of new friends made and the love and respect of lifelong hunting buddies – that is the real sum of our parts. Integrity, passion, commitment: Raggio Custom Calls is not content to follow the paths most traveled. Raggio calls are trailblazers designed to bring ducks right down through the very headwinds of time.

What Makes Our Products Great?

“I make each call distinct and attractive enough to put away in a collection,” he says, “but you’re going to put it on your call lanyard because it sounds so good.” Each call is carved from elegant woods such as hedge, black walnut, and African blackwood and customized to a buyer’s specifications, and comes with a thank-you note from Raggio and a hand-sewn protective bag made by his mother.


Here are a few locations where you can find our products.

Raggio Custom Calls

Raggio Mercantile, 112 West Main Street, Raymond, MS, USA