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Creating art on wood and canvas, then capturing their paint drippings to hand create artistic pendants, bracelet cuffs and earrings. One of a kind pieces made from scratch.

What Makes Our Products Great?

Each piece is so unique and carefully hand crafted: from art on canvas in many colors and sizes. to trivets, coasters, lazy susans and jewelry. The creator of the craft has studied the art form for about a year (during Covid) and has taught herself different forms of the craft, creating pieces that are both beautiful and sometimes have function to them as well. The unique art form, carefully selected pieces and colors often take people by surprise because of the individuality of the pieces.

What makes us most proud of producing Genuine MS products?

Mississippi residents possess great creativity from food to music to crafts. It is my honor to share in the reputation known by both Mississippians and others to the workmanship created from the minds and bare hands of so many creative entrepreneurs in our community. Art is a non-essential item that makes us feel emotions, and my creative style makes me, and hopefully you, feel happy. Colorful, practical, beautiful in design and function; this art form represents on a small scale what we do here in Mississippi that makes us all individually unique and proud to represent our craft to you. Made in Mississippi!!!

How does buying Genuine MS products make a difference here in Mississippi?

When you buy made in Mississippi goods, you are not buying something mass produced outside our state or our country. Your purchases are supporting parents, seniors, couples, singles, and their families. Buying Genuine MS products is supporting local. This means a lot to the people here and your business is much appreciated by small businesses and the people that run and operate them.

Why should people seek out and buy Genuine MS products?

Many Mississippians are taught from the ground up, from parents and family, how to cook, craft, manufacture, create, farm, and produce quality products that are often learned over time. This kind of education produces something you won't find elsewhere. Products are often learned through trial and error, handcrafted and/or produced with much care having endured many failures leading to successes. These small businesses take pride in their craft and present their best to please their buyers and the people buyers give those products to. Making a quality product is the pride of Genuine MS products and their creators stand behind them knowing this.