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MAGCOR provides realistic work experiences for sentenced, adult offenders residing within Mississippi correctional facilities. This work program gives offender workers opportunities to obtain valuable skills that will lead to long term sustainability. Within our program, offenders learn trades that gives them marketable skills upon their release. While in prison, we train offenders to work in quality production processes, industry techniques unique to their work training, warehouse and logistics training, and customer service skills. Additionally, by developing communication skills, the workers learn how to respond to supervision and how to interact within the work environment. The ultimate goal of MAGCOR is to have a credible impact on reducing the recidivism rate of the work program participants. The State of Mississippi, local communities, and the families involved all benefit from MAGCOR’s success.

What Makes Our Products Great?

MAGCOR is more than production. We provide opportunities for current offenders to take ownership of the production process, while focusing on the delivery of high quality products, with high quality experiences. Our focus is to produce quality products, with quality service. We’re not just looking to meet your manufacturing needs, but to also offer a professional experience that will create a relationship you can trust.

What makes us most proud of producing Genuine MS products?

As a Mississippi based company, we know that customers love purchasing products not only within the United States but purchasing directly from their home state. MAGCOR was put in place to save tax payer dollars for our state agencies, municipalities and businesses within the State of Mississippi. We at MAGCOR exist to make an impact in the State of Mississippi and appreciate the continued support of buying locally manufactured products. We are excited to now be a part of Genuine Mississippi.

How does buying Genuine MS products make a difference here in Mississippi?

MAGCOR is a Non-Profit corporation that receives no direct appropriations from the state. MAGCOR solely operates on the monies generated by the sale of the products it creates, and monies are then reinvested into the corporation via training and certification, transitional support, creating classrooms, supplying teaching materials, etc. By supporting MAGCOR through your purchases we are able to commit to making a change, teaching skillsets and providing a pathway to sustainable success for offenders upon release from state custody.

Why should people seek out and buy Genuine MS products?

We have the capability to supply manufactured products and also develop a client’s product or idea through all stages of production. If you are a start-up, or if you have a product and need it manufactured locally on a larger scale, MAGCOR is prepared to do the job. Having multiple manufacturing facilities within Mississippi makes MAGCOR extremely competitive and capable of producing products in bulk. We are committed to personalized service offering you the best production experience possible. We will partner with you to meet your production needs and deliver a high-quality end product.


Here are a few locations where you can find our products.

Mississippi Prison Industries

663 North State Street, Jackson, MS, USA

Mississippi Farmers Market

Mississippi Farmers Market, 929 High Street, Jackson, MS, USA