Keep Mississippi Beautiful's Wildflower Trails of Mississippi

208 Key Drive, Ste. B , Madison, MS 39110
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Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Mississippi is home to many beautiful native wildflowers, but these days, they can be tough to find. Wildflower Trails of Mississippi is working to bring them back. Wildflower Trails of Mississippi is a project of Keep Mississippi Beautiful, a non-profit organization responsible for litter prevention, recycling and beautification.

What Makes Our Products Great?

Wildflower Trails of Mississippi works with local communities and partners to plant wildflowers. Wildflower Trails of Mississippi provides technical assistance and funding opportunities to help with these plantings.

What makes us most proud of producing Genuine MS products?

Mississippi has a variety of native wildflowers. They provide food and habitat for insects and wildlife. Wildflowers are conditioned to thrive in Mississippi, meaning they require little to no maintenance and are more resistant against drought. Healthy plants help reduce erosion and serve as filters for pollutants, keeping waterways cleaner downstream. And, if we haven’t sold you yet, they’re gorgeous. The swirls of yellows, oranges, purples, blues, and really every color under the sun radiates from roadsides, parks, fields and farms. We're proud of Mississippi grown products, including our wildflowers.

How does buying Genuine MS products make a difference here in Mississippi?

Wildflower Trails of Mississippi strongly believes in Mississippi grown products -- as you can tell! Locally grown products are fresher, require less resources for transportation, arrive fresher, and help with our local economies.

Why should people seek out and buy Genuine MS products?

Wildflower Trails of Mississippi is supportive of Genuine MS as a way to showcase Mississippi grown products and to encourage consumers to buy locally grown products. This certification is important to improving agriculture and land management in our state.