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My story began in 1988 when I had to return home to Buckatunna, MS, broke from my family-owned textile company going out of business. While traveling through George County, I would see beautiful nurseries with all types of plants and decided to start my first nursery on our family-owned homestead. Ms. Daisy Mills loved roses, so I went out and purchased about 30 rose bushes to build her a rose garden, and after the first year, only two were living. At that time, we realized we had a lot to learn about roses. We began to travel to Mobile, AL, to attend the Rose Society every month. That is where I met a gentleman that had the knowledge I needed to begin our journey with the Fortuniana root system.

What Makes Our Products Great?

We use the Fortuniana rose bush from the Banksia plant family originating out of China. This rootstock is used to create a root system that is resistant to all types of root diseases common to roses such as: phytophtora, pythium and nematodes. These bushes are resistant to heat stress and will at least triple the first years growth rate of traditional plants. Bushes living for forty years are still thriving. They require watering more often which results in stronger canes and larger blooms.

What makes us most proud of producing Genuine MS products?

To promote Mississippi producers that offer outstanding products here locally and throughout the nation, along with the personal service and education that we are so proud of.

How does buying Genuine MS products make a difference here in Mississippi?

To be such a business failure in the early 80's and to have found a business that is economically stable while falling in love with it has been such a blessing to me. We all love to be recognized for our successes and as a multi- award winning, master rosarian, I can say that I have the secrets to roses. But to build the Mississippi economy and promote locally-grown is a great thing and allows the rest of the country to see that Mississippians contribute positively every day.

Some of our products are seasonal.

October- May


Here are a few locations where you can find our products.

K and M Nursery

1260 Chicora River Road, Buckatunna, MS, USA