Inda Bay Spring Water

1802 Hwy 26, Wiggins, Mississippi 39577
(601) 408-5511
Inda Bay Spring Water is a natural spring water bottling facility located in Stone County Mississippi. Since 1822, eight generations of our family have owned Inda Bay and savored the fresh natural spring water from the multitude of springheads that collectively produce 3800 gallons per minute. The springs have been used by local inhabitants for over 10,000 years as determined by archeologists. Our facility utilizes the uniquely clear water flowing from its historical sites directly to our customers. Inda Bay Spring Water is bottled straight from the source, naturally balanced and pure, without any needed interference from man. Our premium water is contained in substantial packaging with a top-quality cap and bottle for a superior product in both handling and consumption. We offer co-packaging as well as our private label in 12 oz and 16.9 oz sizes for bulk wholesale. As we share our heritage with you..." Let our Legacy Douse your Thirst."

What Makes Our Products Great?

Inda Bay Spring Water is completely natural. Unlike other brands that require an intervention process for consumption, Inda Bay is untouched and pure in the bottling process. Our water is superior in taste and packaging to ensure ease of handling and satisfaction in savoring this unique product. Our bottles don't collapse, our labels don't fall off, and our water truly lives up to our motto... "Let our Legacy Douse your Thirst."

What makes us most proud of producing Genuine MS products?

As Inda Bay Spring Water, we ARE Mississippi- this family is from generations deep in hard work, with perseverance, working until the job is done- not the 8 hour whistle, knocked down with hardships but not broken, volunteering and giving to the community, and instilling the love and respect of where and how we live in our children so that Mississippi will live on through them. As a farmer and a healthcare worker, Inda Bay Spring Water owners' work ethic is dedicated to feeding and caring for others. We are committed to invest our time and effort into a product that will benefit our people- our Mississippi. With our persevering work standard, we firmly believe this venture will have multiple advantages for the Mississippi Agricultural Industry- both state and local - while ensuring self-sustainability for a vital agricultural product in our area. We are beyond proud to be producing Genuine MS products and have utter confidence that Mississippi will benefit from Inda Bay Spring Water for generations to come.

How does buying Genuine MS products make a difference here in Mississippi?

Six of the top seven water-bottling companies in the nation are owned by foreign entities. The 2 largest in Mississippi are owned by corporations out of state and overseas. It is imperative that we establish local ownership for not only state revenue benefit, but also for long term self sustaining capabilities as seen necessary in other markets. If we are trying to expand and strengthen Mississippi agricultural industry for future generations, then Inda Bay Spring Water will be a gold standard to embody this concept. This is why it is so important to support local industries. Inda Bay Spring Water will produce a product that will never go out of style or be a "has been" fad. Just like other agricultural products, water is indispensable to our existence. Portable water will have increased future demand as public water utilities struggle with aging facilities and withering infrastructure to produce quality drinking water for our growing population. On a day-to-day basis, water is not a luxury, but rather essential to all of us, and in times of distress with the presence of disasters, it becomes quite vital to us. Mississippi needs to have accessibility to local quality portable drinking water, and Inda Bay Spring Water can fill that exigency.

Why should people seek out and buy Genuine MS products?

For years, this great country was spoiled by self-sustainability. In the last 20 years, we have seen this concept slowly erode as large corporations saved a dollar by outsourcing overseas. Now, we find ourselves in supply shortages due to the shipping issues that come with so many products reliant on overseas shipping. In times of crisis, whether pandemic in nature or natural disaster, it is proven that the supply chains collapse. Self-sustainability is the only way to persevere. We truly cannot afford any other option but to support local industry. Our future literally depends on it. Shop Local!