Golden Valley Doodles, Inc.

915 Hattie Wallace Rd, Morton, MS 39117
(601) 900-2991
Hours: Monday- Saturday 7-5 Closed Sundays, Visitors by Appointment
Quality breeder of outstanding doodles, born and bred in the great state of Mississippi. Golden Valley Doodles, Inc. specializes in Goldendoodles, Sheepadoodles and Aussiedoodles. Our dogs are raised for health, temperament, intelligence, family compatibility, and allergy friendliness. Not to mention you've probably never seen a cuter doodle than the ones you'll see right here.

What Makes Our Products Great?

At Golden Valley Doodles, we place our focus on producing happy, healthy well adjusted puppies. Only the healthiest dams and sires, with exemplary dispositions and temperaments are program participants. By carefully screening potential parent dogs, we consistently produce puppies who are Kid Friendly companions, many of which are well suited to therapy and service work. They are nonshedding, and compatible for most who suffer from allergies. Intelligent, trainable, balanced companions - not to mention beautiful. We have your next best friend right here!

What makes us most proud of producing Genuine MS products?

Born and raised in the great state of Mississippi, our puppies are southern to the core, just like us. We are proud to support fellow Mississippians and their small businesses, while sharing the opportunity for Mississippians to own one of our well bred, child friendly companions.


Here are a few locations where you can find our products.

Golden Valley Doodles, Inc.

Golden Valley Doodles, Inc., Hattie Wallace Road, Morton, MS, USA