George (Sonny) Magee

559 Park Fortenberry Rd. , Oak Vale, Ms. 39656
(601) 259-9860
Hours: Monday thru Saturday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
My name is George Magee, better known as Sonny. My wife, Gwen and I own and operate a farm in Jefferson Davis County. We are fourth generation farmers raising Angus beef cattle. We recently decided to offer some of our cattle to sell directly to customers wanting natural beef raised on grass, finished on grain. We will be offering these cattle butchered and packaged ready for pick up: in quantities of one quarter, one half, or whole beef. Please contact us for more information on schedule kill dates and pricing.

What Makes Our Products Great?

Our cattle are all Natural, grain feed beef. We use no growth hormones or feed additives on our cattle. All our cattle are raised on grass then placed on a corn and soybean mix feed for growth, then finished on corn to achieve good marbling in the meat. Our meat is butchered and aged around twenty one days for superb texture and taste. We use angus cattle in our program. Angus mature at a earlier age with choice quality carcass at lighter weights. We are proud of our beef, raised and finished with one purpose in mind. To sell quality beef to our customers at a good value for them. Contact us with any questions. We will be glad to answer your questions and provide any information we can.

What makes us most proud of producing Genuine MS products?

We are fourth generation Ms. farmers. I got my start in the cattle business when I was just a boy with the purchase of a five dollar baby calf I raise on a bottle. My father and grand father had there herd but this was the start of mine. That calf taught me a lot about business. With bottle calves you need a nurse bottle, powered milk, calf feed, all found at the co-op and when you are nine and don't have your own charge account you charge it to your Fathers. I worked every morning and evening fixing a bottle and feed then feeding the calf. As she got older I put her on pasture and she finally got big enough that Dad told me she was ready to sale. We went to the auction barn. My five dollar calf turned into a hundred and twenty dollar heifer. I WAS RICH. When we got home my Dad pulled out a little book where had kept up with all the supplies, milk, and feed that had gone into my bottle calf. After we settled up on my bill I was not as rich as I thought I was but that project taught me hard work and good management produces a profit. We use those same principles learn as a boy in our business today. Like so many people born and raised in this great state we take pride in the products we raise, the ethics instilled in us by our elders, and a overwhelming pride in who we are as a people. We are proud to stamp all our products Genuine Ms.

How does buying Genuine MS products make a difference here in Mississippi?

It is always a good idea to buy as many products as we can that are made in our country and even better if made in our state. Keeping our money at home truly builds personal income for our people while adding large amounts of revenue to help maintain our state inter structure. In our business, finishing cattle for slaughter, almost all feed lots and finishing yards are located out west where the climate is better for fatting cattle and more of the feed is closer reducing trucking cost. We have a few suppliers bring in large quantity of feed which helps in production cost. It is a challenge with the summer heat getting cattle finished but we have a lot of good cattle raised here in our state and I enjoy seeing them stay hear and end up in our local butcher shops with quality beef coming from local farmer that surpass most beef found in our grocery store coolers. Not all farm raised beef is the same and sad to say some sellers not helping our business to grow. That being said I know several really good producers and butchers that work hard every day to make Ms raised beef the best you will find. We raise or purchase the best cattle we can find with one purpose in mind, to give our customer great beef at a great value.

Why should people seek out and buy Genuine MS products?

I think we need to educate the people of our state on what products we have here in our state. I think the Genuine Ms. Logo is doing that. Most people we market to have not had a lot of experience purchasing beef direct from the producer. We have a lot of questions about hanging weight, how much meat do I get as in number of steaks, pounds of hamburger, actual cost per pound. We do the best we can to answer these questions. I have articles from Ms. State I like to refer them to that has a lot of good information on percentage of actual pounds of meat from a dried and processed wet hanging weight carcass. Once people understand each calf cuts out a little different, it is impossible to give a package count on the carcass until it is actually processed. Our best way of getting people to seek out Genuine Ms. products is our customers that call us and say this is the best beef I have every had. They tell there neighbors and friends about the products, service and price, which causes them to seek farm to customer direct sells. We have local farmers and producers butting out products daily that are superior to most found anywhere at a great value. Best reason to shop Ms. first.