Delta Pride Catfish

299 South Street, Isola, Mississippi 38754
(662) 962-3101
Hours: Monday - Friday; 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Day after day, the freshest name in fish is Delta Pride. Our experienced management team on both the catfish farms and the processing plant set the standard for the industry in fish production and processing. Delta Pride has a steady and growing supply of fresh fish, the best processing facilities, the most innovative sales team, the best customer service, and most recognized name in the industry.

What Makes Our Products Great?

Delta Pride's farm-raised grain-fed catfish lead a very pampered life. Our farmers stock their ponds with the four to six-inch fingerlings. The fish ponds are made of clay and filled with fresh water from the underground aquifer. Fish farming is a scientific operation. The water is continuously monitored to ensure that it meets Delta Pride's strict standards that produce the best tasting catfish. Delta Pride fish are a fed a consistent diet of grain pellets made of soybeans and corn. This exceptional diet and surface feeding habit account for the mild flavor of Delta Pride Catfish. In the weeks before harvest, Delta Pride flavor checks the quality of the fish at least three times to be sure the fish meet Delta Pride's high standards. At harvest time, the farmers remove the fish from the ponds with immense mechanically-operated seines--or nets--maneuvered by skilled personnel. The personnel load the fish into a water-filled truck which transports them live to the Delta Pride Plant. Before unloading the live fish, Delta Pride checks the quality of the fish one more time to ensure we are processing nothing but the best. From the time the fish arrive at the Delta Pride plant alive until they are on ice is about 20 minutes. We produce whole fish, fillets, nuggets, strips, steaks and delicious further processed items such as breaded catfish and marinated catfish. Throughout the life of a Delta Pride catfish, everyone-from the farmer to the quality assurance inspector to the semi-truck driver-works to ensure that our Delta Pride product is the highest quality available. If you spent a day at Delta Pride, you would be a customer for life.