Compass Point Blend LLC

8821 Pickering Forrest Drive, Ocean Springs, Mississippi 39564
(985) 516-9393
Hours: Sunday-Saturday 7:30am-5pm
Meet the Hartleys Nick and Casie Hartley, along with their four children, have made Ocean Springs, Mississippi, their home for the past two years. However, the South runs through their veins, as they have lived in various Southern cities, from New Orleans and Covington, Louisiana, to Mobile, Alabama, and from Orange Beach to Orlando, Florida. Nick, an offshore captain, and Casie share a love for cooking, fishing, disc golf, and all things outdoors. The Birth of Compass Point Blend Compass Point Blend's story began in 2014 when Nick embarked on a mission to create a seafood boil that was not only delicious but also healthier. He sought to reduce the high sodium content and the use of fillers commonly found in many commercial seasonings while still savoring the flavors of his favorite seafood dishes. This endeavor was not without its challenges, requiring time, patience, numerous trials, and perhaps more than a few shared beers among friends. However, the results were worth the effort, and Compass Point Blend was born. From a single seafood boil recipe, Nick and Casie expanded their range of seasonings and spices to include eighteen unique blends. These blends are characterized by their commitment to quality, boasting no preservatives, no MSG, all-natural ingredients, low sodium content, and a burst of tantalizing flavors. It's evident that every bottle of Compass Point Blend is a labor of love and a testament to their dedication to offering healthier, flavorful options.

What Makes Our Products Great?

The art of blending seasonings and spices is a culinary journey that allows us to explore flavors, traditions, and cultures from around the world. Compass Point Blend, with its roots in the South and a commitment to healthier, flavorful seasonings, serves as an inspiring example of what can be achieved when passion, dedication, and a love for good food come together. So, the next time you embark on a culinary adventure, remember the artistry behind the seasonings and spices that elevate your dishes. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a home cook, there's always room to explore and create your unique flavor combinations. As Compass Point Blend encourages, "Navigate your way to flavor, and get a whole lot of South in your mouth!"


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