Breezy Oaks Ranch

298 Quail Road, Canton, MS 39046
(601) 668-8383
Our family farm is located in the rolling hills of central Mississippi, near Vaiden. We raise Akaushi (Red Wagyu) cattle which provide outstanding marbling, exquisite taste, and an excellent health profile. Our cattle spend their entire lives on pasture and are moved frequently, often daily, to fresh vegetative pasture. We do not use antibiotics or hormones. We work hard to insure that our cattle are properly finished. Our beef is dry aged for 21 days in order to get the maximum flavor and marbling in our meat. We also offer heritage breed pork that is pasture raised without use of antibiotics or homones. Our beef and pork can be purchased on our website and picked up at the farm or shipped to your door (1-day shipping zone).

What Makes Our Products Great?

At Breezy Oaks Ranch, we strive to produce a premium, healthy meat while being good stewards of the land. Our farm uses regenerative agriculture practices by rotating our herds frequently so that we don't have to use chemicals to keep our pastures and animals healthy. This also improves soil health which in turn produces better vegetation which produces better meat. Eating our Akaushi beef is a high end beef eating experience that is also environmentally responsible. Our pork is from heritage breed pigs that spend their entire lives trotting in pastures and woods, rooting for acorns and other forage that is natural for pigs. This natural environment produces a premium quality pork loaded with flavor and nutrition. Taste the difference in our Mississippi farm raised meat.