Blueberry Pines Farm

12101 Highway 57, McLain, MS 39456
(601) 394-7368
We are a small family farm that are intent on raising our food, family, and farm as healthy and wholesome as possible.

What Makes Our Products Great?

We grow all of our own products as naturally as possible. We pour all of our love and attention into everything we do here in south Mississippi.

What makes us most proud of producing Genuine MS products?

We love to share and talk about how wonderful it is to live and farm here in south Mississippi. We have been growing things together since 2002 and now, in 2022, it’s just as much as when we started.

How does buying Genuine MS products make a difference here in Mississippi?

The Genuine MS program is one of the best ones in the state. Keeping our dollars right here in Mississippi, buying Mississippi made products, makes us stronger and more united as Mississippians.

Why should people seek out and buy Genuine MS products?

Buying Genuine MS products is a sure way to know that your hard earned money is spent right here among your neighbors. Purchasing Genuine MS branded products is the best way to ensure you are receiving quality Made and Grown in Mississippi items.