4P Beef

1565 Brozville Road , Lexington, MS 39095
(662) 834-3888
Hours: By Appointment
4P Beef, owned and operated by brothers Nathan and Graham Pierce, is a second generation business that evolved from 4P Cattle. The Pierce family began a cow calf business in 2008 which currently operates as 4P Cattle. Our ranch is located in Lexington, MS, approximately 50 miles north of Jackson, in central Holmes County, where our cattle are raised on open pastures and cared for by implementing good husbandry practices. The cattle, an Angus crossed herd, produce calves that adapt well to our climate, have reputations of being healthy, have good growth rates, and are efficient in beef production. 4P Beef markets and sells 4P Cattle beef that has been harvested and processed under USDA inspection without the use of additives and preservatives.

What Makes Our Products Great?

Our ranch raised beef is grass fed, grain finished, and dry aged for 14-21 days to produce tenderness, excellent marbling, and great flavor. Many claim to offer farm to table products, but with 4P Beef the cattle are born, raised, weaned, and finished on the farm. We can truly offer the consumer a farm to table experience because our product is 100% Ranch Raised Beef!

What makes us most proud of producing Genuine MS products?

We have known for years that our beef is exceptional when it comes to tenderness and flavor. 4P Beef now has the opportunity to share this quality product with our neighbors, our community, and others in the great state of Mississippi. 4P Beef is a proud producer of a Genuine MS product that is tasty, affordable, and 100% Ranch Raised Beef!


Here are a few locations where you can find our products.

Poorhouse Homestead Market

2241 Old Hwy 25, Starkville, MS, USA

Gore's Country Market

6520 Mississippi 16, Benton, MS, USA

Doris Berry's Farmers Market

3615 Hwy 80, Pearl, MS, USA