LoveLee Rolls

709 Cypress Rd., Starkville, MS 39759
(662) 425-6676
Started on a couple of compliments and a whim, LoveLee Rolls was founded in the home of Tyson and Christa Lee in 2015 and has grown into a local distributor of the best cinnamon rolls (so we've heard!). We want to be more than a yummy treat though. We desire for the pan of cinnamon rolls that you pick up from your local grocer to be something that you can gather around with friends and family and enjoy break from the hustle and bustle of life. Grab a pan, some friends, a chair and enjoy!

What Makes Our Products Great?

These rolls, like us, are born and raised in MS. We value quality over quantity and believe that we produce a great quality product that is more than just your average cinnamon roll. Our hope is that we are creating a product that you can enjoy with others and that is priceless.

What makes us most proud of producing Genuine MS products?

Evidence of our Mississippi roots are weaved through so many aspects of our business from the love for good food around the table with family and friends to the "MADE IN MISSISSIPPI" line on our logo. We've learned in the hospitality state that it means to put people over profit. It makes us proud to say we've learned those things where we live!


Here are a few locations where you can find our products.

Vowell's Marketplace Starkville

118 Hwy 12, Starkville, MS, USA

Sunflower Columbus (Military Rd.)

1802 Military Road, Columbus, MS, USA

Sunflower Foods Columbus (Alabama St.)

225 Alabama Street, Columbus, MS, USA

Todd's Big Star - Tupelo

1400 Main St, Tupelo, MS, USA

Todd's Big Star - Saltillo

119 City Market Drive Saltillo, MS 38866