Already Dunn

3009 McDowell Rd Ext, Jackson, MS 39204
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Our story starts years ago in the kitchen while preparing meals for my son. Anytime we had something to eat he would want sauce and I would offer BBQ sauce or ketchup, but he would continually ask "when are we getting our own sauce mama?" A few weeks later he was doodling and brought a picture to me and said, "here, it's Already Dunn." My husband and I thought, this is a sign that we need to do something. So we got in the kitchen and started mixing up sauces, having of our son try them each time. After trial and error, we got it right! We have had our share of struggles from being displaced by Katrina, relocating to TN for jobs, retiring from long term employers to getting our family back in the same city. We lost everything in Katrina. Ida is a survivor of thyroid cancer. We just replaced our son's bed last year from the devastation that we have suffered through due to Katrina. Joseph had to retire from United Scaffolding (Murphy Oil contracted company) as a project manager to reunite with his family.

What Makes Our Products Great?

It's the only sauce on the market that is versatile. It can be used for steak sauce, BBQ sauce, hot sauce, rub, and marinade. "The only thing it's not good on is ice cream."

What makes us most proud of producing Genuine MS products?

This product is 100% produced by us. We have made this accomplishment. I can remember seeing the the labels for the first time thinking it was "real!" We put it in our china cabinet to pretend how it would look in stores. We are so proud for our product and that it's here in the magnolia state!

How does buying Genuine MS products make a difference here in Mississippi?

We know what it's like to struggle. We want to support the Mississippi economy and it's hard working citizens. People have a distorted view of what we as Mississippians have to offer. There is a negative perception out there, that we are backwards or "slow to move." But, we do progress and we are main stream like everyone else.

Why should people seek out and buy Genuine MS products?

The world should seek out Mississippi products because we are unique in that we not only work hard, but we care!


Here are a few locations where you can find our products.

Jackson Farmers Market

Mississippi Farmers Market, High Street, Jackson, MS, USA

Clinton Farmers Market

300 Jefferson St, Clinton, MS, USA

Vicksburg Farmers Market

Vicksburg Farmers Market, Levee Street, Vicksburg, MS, USA